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Skilled Defense Against Misdemeanor Charges

A conviction on your criminal record can be a major barrier in life, even when that conviction is for a misdemeanor charge. Immediate penalties may be limited to fines, driver’s license suspension, probation or other moderate consequences, but the costs in terms of your educational and career prospects may be lifelong.

If you or a family member has been charged with a criminal offense — from shoplifting, DWI or marijuana possession to a violent felony — I will provide compassionate, reliable legal guidance. My 20 years of experience in North Carolina courts will be a critical asset as we strive to avoid conviction or obtain manageable consequences through negotiations.

What Is The Best Way To Resolve Your Case?

My knowledge covers the spectrum of driving offenses, property crimes and other misdemeanor offenses. The best approach to your specific misdemeanor case will depend on many factors, including any prior arrests, the strength of the case against you and your overall life circumstances. Paths to resolution may include:

  • Entry into a deferral agreement that imposes certain conditions to be met by the time of a future court date, when the charge may be dismissed
  • Acceptance of a plea agreement (and guilty plea) in exchange for acceptable penalties
  • Thorough evaluation of the evidence against you and preparation for a potential trial in defense of your rights, and your future

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Whether you are a college student who must confront a misdemeanor drug charge, an individual accused of theft or assault, or anyone else with questions about the criminal justice system and your legal options, I will welcome your inquiry. To request a free initial consultation with me, Wilmington misdemeanor defense lawyer Geoffrey W. Hosford, call 800-763-0939 me now.