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Sex Crime Defense Attorney In Wilmington

If you or a family member has been accused of rape, sexual assault or any other sexual offense, you are probably aware of how devastating a conviction could be. Jail or prison time and required registration as a sex offender may be among the more immediate consequences. Building a financially stable, productive life with such a record is often extremely challenging.

I am Geoffrey W. Hosford, a Wilmington, North Carolina, attorney with 20 years of wide-ranging criminal defense experience, including felony sex crime cases decided through jury trials. You can turn to me for clear, informed legal counsel, whatever the exact charge against you — or if you have been questioned by police but not yet charged. Speaking to authorities without an attorney present is always a serious risk and sometimes a major mistake.

What Type Of Sex Charge Are You Facing?

The complexity of many sex crime investigations and trials would be difficult to overstate. The attorney you hire should be versed in all aspects of criminal and constitutional law. Whether you made a serious mistake and need help or are facing false or exaggerated allegations, your future is on the line if you are charged with an offense such as:

  • Rape or statutory rape, including charges arising out of “date rape” scenarios and involving complex questions of competence and consent
  • Sexual assault, whether arising out of an alleged act of force against another adult or alleged sexual activity with an underage child
  • Possession of child pornography, solicitation of a minor or other internet-based crimes of a sexual nature

Get A Skilled Attorney On Your Side

As a board-certified specialist in criminal law, my approach to sex crime defense is disciplined and thorough. I aggressively target acquittals, dismissals and manageable outcomes that enable my clients to move forward in life. To discuss your problem directly with me in a free initial consultation with a lawyer, please call or email Hosford & Hosford PC as soon as possible.