More than two decades of experience in North Carolina

Skillful Resolution Of Weapons Charges

The right to bear arms is prominently stated in the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. There are numerous state and federal laws, however, that restrict firearms under certain circumstances or add penalties to other offenses when a firearm was involved.

I am Geoffrey W. Hosford, an experienced criminal defense attorney in Wilmington. If you are facing a weapons charge, I can protect your rights aggressively and seek a favorable resolution.

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What Type Of Gun Charge Do You Face?

Firearms charges can be either federal or based on North Carolina state law. With more than 20 years of experience, I can defend you effectively in either setting and against all violent crime allegations.

This includes charges that involve:

  • Restricted or prohibited weapons
  • Violations of the concealed carry law
  • Felon in possession issues
  • Sentence enhancements based on presence of a firearm

Sometimes prosecutors use a gun charge or other weapons charges as a bargaining chip to try to get you to plead guilty to other offenses. I’ve been doing this long enough to look out for their tricks — and know how to advocate effectively for your best interests.

It also helps that I’m a skilled trial lawyer. I’ve handled more than 120 trials, and this gives me a lot of credibility with prosecutors seeking to resolve your case.

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