More than two decades of experience in North Carolina

Resolving Embezzlement Charges

If you are suspected of or have been charged with taking money from an organization you work for, you know it’s a sensitive situation. You may face not only criminal consequences, but also tremendous damage to your reputation.

I am Geoffrey W. Hosford, an experienced criminal defense attorney in Wilmington. For more than 20 years, I have helped clients resolve all sorts of serious charges, including fraud, embezzlement and other white collar offenses.

I have handled more than 120 trials in my career and am certified as a criminal law specialist by the North Carolina State Bar Board of Legal Specialization.

What Are You Accused Or Suspected Of?

Using my experience, I can defend you effectively against all types of white collar charges, including:

  • Fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Theft from an employer
  • Public corruption
  • Bribery

These charges may be either state or federal, depending on the type of funds and amounts involved. No matter what the financial crime accusations are, I will assert your rights aggressively, pursuing the best outcome that the facts allow.

Will You Have To Pay Restitution?

Embezzlement is unlike other property crimes in that the person who is accused of mishandling money was originally entrusted with it. But if the court determines that there was misappropriation of the funds, you may be ordered to pay restitution.

A restitution award can be very costly. I will work to resolve this part of the case as well, with the goal of protecting your financial future.

Taking Action

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