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Ways To Attack A DWI Charge

Under today’s strict North Carolina laws, the consequences of a conviction for driving while impaired (DWI) are severe and far-reaching. Even a basic, first-offense drunk driving charge carries penalties that will affect your life in critical ways. If you have prior convictions for impaired driving or other aggravating factors apply, you definitely need an attorney who will investigate all angles and consider all viable DWI defense strategies.

How Do You Pushback Against The Charges

Some defense lawyers look only at the readily apparent aspects of a DWI arrest and the prosecution’s case. Many primarily advise clients to plead guilty, accept consequences and avoid a trial. My approach is more extensive, thorough and innovative than that. Over the course of 20 years in practice, I have applied a wide range of DWI defense strategies and won numerous acquittals at trial.

When you turn to my Wilmington law firm, Hosford & Hosford PC, you can count on my direct, focused attention to your case. As an attorney board-certified in criminal law, I am adept at evaluating all available evidence and finding the approach best suited to the circumstances and my clients’ most important priorities — including those of college students and other under-21 drivers. Effective challenges to the prosecution’s case may involve:

  • Problems with blood alcohol testing results and the methods and procedures used to obtain them
  • The lack of probable cause for a traffic stop or other potential violations of your constitutional rights
  • A range of other issues specific to the chain of events leading to arrest such as a driver’s use of prescribed medication, entrapment by a police officer, the role of community policing and more

Defending Your Future

Prosecutors and judges are not empowered or inclined to reduce charges or “make deals” on DWI charges to the extent they did in the past. Your ability to avoid the devastating results of a North Carolina DWI conviction may well depend on your lawyer’s knowledge, determination and willingness to take your case the distance.

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